Made to Measure Wedding Suit

The made to measure wedding suit

CEREMONIA – The made to measure wedding suit 

This programme offers endless individualization possibilities for a customized wedding suit. The groom becomes his own designer.

Easiest handling supported by B2B in combination with typical festive qualities offer the retailer a unique innovative product. No pre-order, most attractive package prices in combination with a unique product variety (lining, button, and stitching) and in addition a very interesting calculation are outstanding sales arguments. 

Within 15 working days CEREMONIA product will be delivered without surcharge, with an additional fee also within 10 or even 5 working days.

All style options and measurements are included in the package prices. This unique programme offers a high differentiation for the trade and best service for the consumer.

The collection is presented with a separate fabric range and a handbook as well as try-on suits in Slim and D8.