Our Passion: Made-to-Measure for Individualists

CORPUS LINE by WILVORST is exclusive, individual made-to-measure clothes by WILVORST, specialized on made-to-measure suits and much more around the subject “made-to-measure”. With corpus line you are able to create and personalize your own made-to-measure suit, jacket, trouser and even your coat. Since the year 2010 corpus line is a brand of WILVORST.

Corpus line by WILVORST combines elegance of high quality with your individual personal taste, produced with most modern technique – this way your made-to-measure suit will be as individual as yourself. Who once has worn a made-to-measure suit made by corpus line will never again want to buy “off the shelf” because one thing will quickly be noticed: this unique suit is measured perfection and produced individually at the personal taste. It is our passion to use the possibilities of modern techniques in order to produce made-to-measure suits and jackets more efficient, more individual and accurately fitting than this has ever been imaginable before.

Since corpus line an individual produced made-to-measure suit on one’s personal measurements is a sign of selected style. Any gentleman should have one made-to-measure suit in his wardrobe.

Attributes of our Products

On a classy made-to-measure suit of corpus line you will find all attributes, that make a style-conscious man and which our customers appreciate since years on their corpus line made-to-measure suits, jackets and trousers: Fitting accuracy, individuality, personality, self-consciousness, no time for compromises, perfect fitting, highest quality and a nearly unlimited choice of options for your made-to-measure suit, jacket or coat.

Billions of Possibilities

You can have anything you want. Design your own made-to-measure suit. Choose from our large portfolio of fabrics, styles and individualization options: 7 bodies, 100 measurement options, 1500 fabric designs, 200 lining designs, 50 button variations, 5300 detail options. This manifold offer of personalization options of made-to-measure suits or jackets results to a sum of 2.673,216 billion options for your personalized made-to-measure suit.

Styleprofiler: Design your own Made-to-Measure Suit

CORPUS LINE by WILVORST offers nearly unlimited possibilities of personalization true to the label “made-to-measure garments for individualists”. This way you as the customer become the designer of your own made-to-measure suit.

Colorful under collar, exclusive linings and equipping, stitching of monograms and further possibilities to place individual details. The customer has the choice, because men with style treat themselves to luxury: the choice around the made-to-measure jacket or suit includes more than 1500 fabrics of highest quality. There are many good reasons to decide for a suit on made-to-measurement. One of the most important reasons: the perfect fitting. Forget tight jackets or trousers that are too wide. Only a suit that is fashionably up-to-date und that fits exactly to your body and to your taste is really comfortable.  

With the CORPUS LINE style profiler you may design your personal suit all on your own!

Besides the countless possibilities the manifold measurement options result into a made-to-measure suit individually matching your body - the perfect fitting for any corpus and hence an incredibly fabulous wearing comfort. The measuring takes place either with CORPUS LINE slip-on sizes or through a complete measuring. Afterwards you order your made-to-measure suit in your retailer’s shop.

Fabrics, styles, details & your personal style – these are the ingredients for your individual made-to-measure suit that CORPUS LINE will produce for yourself. With our program for made-to-measure manufacturing we offer almost 2,7 billion times of individuality on measurement. Thanks to this variety every made-to-measure suit that you as the customer create and design on your own becomes unique.