Our variety of options for your personal, individual tailor-made suit in detail

Style variety at a customized suit

With your personal choice of options, you create your own

customized style: 4 bodies and 120 basic styles are available

for your made-to-measure suit or jacket. Select the variants that 

you like most for your customized suit from 136 jacket options, 

39 trouser options and 24 waistcoat options.

Individual Details

Altogether there are 5300 details available for your made-to-measure suit and create with their individual combination a unique garment. Most different pocket variations, AMF stitchings, different lapels, a coloured under-collar, framed button holes and much more.



Personal style for your customized suit

Show your personality and your style with your customized suit. More than 250

linings (from plain colours up to modern prints) guarantee an individual look;

also on second sight. 50 button variations and a monogramme at the inside of

the jacket or at the sleeve even more personalize your made-to-measure suit 

to the smallest detail.

Customized suits are unique and perfectly follow your demands. No matter if

manifold lining patterns, a big choice of buttons or an elegant style with stand-up collar: 

special variations underline your personal style and place new accents.

Separate yourself from the fashion mass and positively stand out with your

individual made-to-measure suit.

Exclusive Options of Linings

With new creative linings CORPUS LINE by WILVORST leaves a lot of room for individual customer wishes! From linings as for traditional costumes to cool graffiti prints or urban pictures of the skyline – here men find anything they can only wish when it comes to the equipping of their jacket.

For the new measurement season our supplier Huddersfield has enlargen the offer of creative prints and wins over the new possibilities of linings in the fields leisure, job, prints and urban skyline.  This guarantees an even larger choice when it comes to individual equipping just as per the slogan “made-to-measure garments for individualists”.

Variations of Buttons & Monogram

With your made-to-measure suit you show your personality and your individual style: 50 different variations of buttons and monogram stitching on the inside of the measurement jacket as well as on the sleeve personalize your measurement suit. From leather button to golden classics - any button variation that “man” can dream of is on offer. From traditional to modern – jazz up your suit with a relocated button variation or underline the style of your measurement suit in a ton on ton option.

Collar & More

Besides the different fabrics, lining variations, button options and fittings Corpus Line offers you the possibility to further individualize your measurement suit or jacket: only 2 of a total possibilities of 5.300 are for example a contrasting under collar or a velvet top collar.
Besides the different collar variations Corpus Line offers to decorate your personal garment with different stitchings and this makes it even more individual: Stitchings on pockets and lapel in many different color variations are possible!

Measuring & Ordering

After you have designed your personal suit together with your retailer or at home with our STYLEPROFILER, your personal measurements need to be determined in order to have your measurement suit fit perfectly.

The measurement taking will be organized with slip-on sizes or a complete measurement taking of your body. The measurement taking takes place in one of the many Corpus Line by WILVORST retail shops because taking the measurements is an art and needs to be done correctly – for your perfect measurement suit.

Afterwards you order your measurement suit at your measurement retailer.