Made to Measure Love


Individual Equipping

Exceptional linings lend an individual look to your measurement suit. With new creative linings CORPUS LINE by WILVORST offers even more space for individual wishes when it comes to your personal measurement suit!

When it comes to the production of a made-to-measure suit or jacket CORPUS LINE by WILVORST offers new creative linings in order to make way for even more individual customer wishes! The offer covers even linings in costume styles or cool graffiti prints. For the new measurement season Huddersfield have enlarged their offer of creative prints once more – this guarantees even more options of individual equipping just as per the slogan of the label “measurement garments for individualists” and it will ennoble your made-to-measure suit also at second sight.  Have you tried to design a made-to-measure suit on your own? Here you may try it!

Personalize your Made-to-Measure Suit

Personalisation down to the smallest detail of the made-to-measure suit - for Corpus Line this is not a vision but reality and at the same time a passion.

From the classic stitching of the name inside the jacket up to a colorful contrasting monogram stitching underneath the sleeve buttons - the possibilities of individualization for your made-to-measure suit or any other measurement garment made by CORPUS LINE are almost unlimited.
Find the perfect combination, because CORPUS LINE offers endless possibilities. Manifold options for the made-to-measure suits make yourself become your personal designer and every product of the label CORPUS LINE a very special unique copy.