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The brand CORPUS LINE by WILVORST is specialized on individual, made-to-measure suits (measurement suits), jackets, trousers and waistcoats as well as coats. CORPUS LINE by WILVORST follows the slogan „made-to-measure garments for individualists“ and offers to the retailers respectively the end-users unlimited possibilities to create their own made-to-measure suit.
CORPUS LINE by WILVORST is the exclusive, individual measurement confection of WILVORST.

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„Style on Measurement“ is the World of Taste of CORPUS LINE

2,7 billion different possibilities of the program Corpus Line by WILVORST made-to-measure suit offer indefinite numbers of creations. This way you become a designer. All this of course very easily online with the inimitable visualization program STYLEPROFILER .

The label „CORPUS LINE by WILVORST“ focuses the topic “measurement garments for individualists” at a good value for money with excellent service.

Fabrics, styles, details and the personal style are the main ingredients of the new collection fall / winter 2017. With the diversity of these new main ingredients your wishes of a made-to-measure suit become true, because anybody can design his own unique measurement copy on his own. Soft qualities - perfectly processed - in any selected style – match the demands of the wearer. Harmonized with buttons and a manifold selection of different linings – that is the philosophy of the label CORPUS LINE.

STYLEPROFILER - Design Your unique Copy of a Made-to-Measure Suit

With the inimitable possibilities of the new CORPUS LINE collection your dream of an own measurement suit comes true – become your own designer! Try the different possibilities very easily and free of charge online and become creative – there is no limit to your imagination. Every suit at your taste. A unique copy. Made-to-measure garments for individualists.

With the CORPUS LINE style profiler you may design your personal suit all on your own:

With the new styleprofiler you may easily get familiar with the different possibilities of CORPUS LINE by WILVORST and design your own individual garment. The best: The design is free of charge, you may very easily play through all the different possibilities - comfortably on your couch. You want to order this measurement suit or the individual jacket? No problem! On our page you find all CORPUS LINE CORPUS LINE Fachhändler, who will offer the measurement taking and deal with your order!

New in the Program: Coats produced at Customer's Options

Did you know that CORPUS LINE by WILVORST also offers elegant made-to-measure coats in plain fabrics, cool checks and even modern flower-prints?

A high-quality made-to-measure coat is the perfect garment to stand out from the crowd and to show style and class. Perfect for cool late-summer evenings, autumn days and the wintertime. Don’t only design your measurement suit all on your own but also your coat. Individual linings, buttons, monogram stitching and many more possibilities of individualization make this CORPUS LINE garment the perfect companion for a stroll in the town, the business date and much more. A made-to-measure coat offered by CORPUS LINE features not only 100 % fitting accuracy but also unlimited possibilities of choice and combination of the equipping.

Design your own measurement suit with the matching made-to-measure coat with our STYLEPROFILER!

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